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GMI Insurance celebrates 40th Anniversary

GMI Insurance, one of the country’s most highly regarded managing general agent’s (MGA) for commercial auto insurance is celebrating 40 years in business.

“We are grateful to our clients for the opportunities to provide them with top-notch coverage through our A-rated, admitted carriers,” said Karen Trudel, Chief Operating Officer at GMI Insurance. “Our company’s reputation has always been to deliver a stable market, quick response and experienced claim handling. We thank them for the trust and confidence placed in us throughout the years.”

GMI Partner and President, Mark Trudel, adds that GMI’s achievements can be attributed to its people. “Our employees are smart, hard-working, dedicated and more importantly they live the core values of family matters, character counts, ownership, perseverance and teamwork!”

GMI has been a premier writer of Commercial Auto insurance since 1980. In the beginning, Norman Trudel focused GMI solely on the Auto Rental segment of the transportation industry but still kept an eye on the insurance marketplace, looking for opportunities that would allow for growth and diversification. Sticking to its core strength as commercial auto underwriters, GMI found a need in the market place for a standalone business auto coverage, and in 2000, rolled out a full program that targets contractors, artisans, retailers, manufacturers and distributors of owned product.

In subsequent years, GMI added an auto leasing program as well as a wholesale division and continues to carry on their family’s tradition of seeking good books of commercial auto business and developing long-term business relationships.

Part of the GMI culture is to also give back to their community. GMI proudly supports a multitude of non-profit organizations and also hosts GMI Cares Day, their signature event where the office is closed for the day so their entire team can roll up their sleeves and provide a charitable service in their hometown. “I look forward to GMI Cares Day every year”, said Janet Trimble, Business Development Manager. “Coming in early, watching all the patrons coming to shred for free, giving away donuts and coffee and rewarding prizes at the end…truly a great time for us all!”

During the past 40 years GMI has built a tradition of being driven by auto expertise, working with nearly 50,000 customers across the country and employing 60+ individuals. GMI also owns Corporate Claims Service, an independent claims administrator specializing in transportation related claims out of Bensalem, PA.

GMI is launching a year of special events to mark its 40th birthday, including an Open House, incentives throughout the year, and social media platforms will be actively sharing key moments from the company’s history.

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